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I deliver comprehensive financial literacy lessons tailored for Girls Scouts of all ages, facilitating the achievement of various badges. Utilizing resources provided by Charles Schwab, I conduct two one-hour sessions either in person or via Zoom, guiding the troop members to earn their respective badges while instilling the importance of financial literacy for their future adulthood.

In recognizing the Girl Scouts' need for space and support to foster growth, my program aims to equip them with the skills to make informed financial decisions and cultivate a positive relationship with money. The Financial Literacy badges offer a platform for Girl Scouts of all ages to engage in hands-on play while learning and practicing essential financial skills such as budget creation, goal setting, decision-making, and teamwork.

The Lesson Plan

Session 1: Fundamentals of Financial Literacy Badges

Objective: Introduce fundamental concepts related to financial literacy badges for each level.

  • Discuss the importance of money and its role in daily life.

  • Explore the concept of making money choices and its impact on personal finances.

  • Define and explain the components of a budget.

  • Guide participants in building a basic budget.

  • Cover topics such as money plans, budgeting for dreams, and cultivating positive money habits.

  • Discuss financial power and the significance of planning for financial independence.


  1. Interactive discussions on money-related topics.

  2. Hands-on exercises to create and understand a basic budget.

  3. Group activities focusing on goal setting and savvy saving.

  4. Practical tips on planning for financial independence.

Homework: Assign tasks related to the session's topics for participants to work on before the next session.

Session 2: Review, Exploration, and Badge Awards

Objective: Review homework, address questions, and delve deeper into specific topics of interest. Award badges to participants who complete the class.

  • Review and discuss homework assignments.

  • Answer any questions or concerns from the participants.

  • Delve deeper into topics based on the troop's interests and queries.

  • Encourage open discussion and sharing of experiences related to financial literacy.

  • Award badges to participants who successfully complete the course.


  1. Homework review and open-floor discussion.

  2. Q&A session addressing troop members' queries.

  3. In-depth exploration of specific financial literacy topics.

  4. Badge award ceremony for participants who complete the class.

This two-session lesson plan is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of financial literacy concepts and empower participants to earn their respective badges. Through interactive discussions, practical activities, and personalized exploration, participants will gain valuable insights into managing money and making sound financial decisions.


Our pricing is calculated on an hourly basis, taking into account the number of members in the troop.

  • The cost is determined per hour for each participant in the troop.

Class Duration:

The standard class duration is (2) sessions, with one hour allocated for each session. However, please note that depending on the troop's level of engagement, classes may extend beyond the initially planned duration.

For further details on pricing or to discuss specific requirements, please feel free to contact us. We are committed to providing flexible and tailored financial literacy education to meet the unique needs of your troop.

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I am not affiliated with Girl Scouts as an employee or sponsored by them in any capacity. While the course content aligns with the potential requirements of badges, it is the responsibility of the Troop Leader to verify and ensure alignment with specific badge requirements.

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To learn more about how I can assist your Girl Scout Troop in earning their financial literacy badges, kindly complete the form. I will promptly respond to your inquiry.

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Thank you for your interest in the Girl Scout Financial Literacy Badge program. I will get back to you shortly!

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