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Collaborating with BurnAlong, I bring you concise, bite-sized videos on Personal Finance through their health and wellness platform, extending an additional benefit to employees from their employers.

BurnAlong is designed to meet individuals at various points in their wellness journey, offering diverse and inclusive programming that caters to distinct goals, needs, and abilities.

Featuring live and on-demand classes taught by a myriad of local instructors spanning 50 wellness categories—including fitness, nutrition, senior health, adaptive fitness, chronic condition management, financial wellness, mental health, and sleep—employees gain access to tailored programming, support, and motivation necessary for their individual paths to thriving.

Try BurnAlong now with my special discount codes:

Annual price of $59... use code: erin22a

Monthly price of $8.99... use code: erin22m

For More Information...

(612) 432-2988

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