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About Me:

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Meet Erin Gore, the visionary behind Cheers to Financial Freedom, a venture dedicated to empowering individuals with the essential principles of personal finance.


Established in 2021, this initiative emerged from Erin's experience as an Economics and Personal Finance teacher in public schools. Identifying a significant gap in adults' understanding of fundamental financial concepts, she committed herself to reshaping the discourse on personal finance. Erin is on a mission to guide individuals of all ages towards financial liberation, tailoring her approach to accommodate diverse lifestyles.

Equipped with a BS in Marketing from Arizona State University and an M.Ed. from Regent University, Erin brings a unique blend of academic insight and practical knowledge to her teachings. Her journey began with the realization that there was a pervasive need for a comprehensive understanding of personal finance, prompting her to embark on this transformative mission.

Beyond her financial expertise, Erin is a lively individual who thrives on caffeine, cherishes moments of poolside fun with her kids, and holds a deep passion for all things French. As an avid Francophile, she dreams of revisiting Paris someday.

Currently calling Los Angeles, CA,  home, Erin shares her life with her family and takes delight in all things associated with ASU. Join her in the pursuit of financial freedom, as she combines educational rigor with a personal touch to make personal finance accessible to everyone.

I will help you find your way!

Personal Finance is tough! It's a life skill that isn't taught in most schools and you have to learn through experience.

What if I told you it didn't have to be this way???


Whether you are in over your head or just barely have any debt, I can help you find the way to financial freedom by understanding how Personal Finance works, which in turn, will lead you to make healthier decisions for yourself!

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For More Information...

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