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About Me:


Erin Gore is the founder of Cheers to Financial Freedom, a company that focuses on teaching the fundamental basics of personal finance so you can achieve financial freedom, no matter your lifestyle.


Founded in 2021, after being an Economics and Personal Finance teacher in the public schools, Erin found a huge disconnect from adults on the true fundamentals of personal finance. She decided at that time to make it her life mission to change the conversation about personal finance and help anyone, regardless of age, find freedom when it comes to their personal finance situation.


Erin received her BS in Marketing from Arizona State University and her M.Ed. from Regent University.


Erin is often caffeinated, has a love for swimming in the pool with her kids, and most of all she is an avid Francophile and is dreaming of the day she can return to Paris!


Currently, Erin lives with her family in Gilbert, AZ and enjoys all things ASU!

I will help you find your way!

Personal Finance is tough! It's a life skill that isn't taught in most schools and you have to learn through experience.

What if I told you it didn't have to be this way???


Whether you are in over your head or just barely have any debt, I can help you find the way to financial freedom by understanding how Personal Finance works, which in turn, will lead you to make healthier decisions for yourself!

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For More Information...

(612) 432-2988

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