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Welcome to Cheers to Financial Freedom, where our vision is to empower individuals of all ages with the essential principles of personal finance through a comprehensive perspective.
At Cheers, we delve into the entirety of an individual's being, considering their values, needs, and desires, in order to craft a personalized financial plan that is not only attainable but aligns with their holistic well-being.
Our ultimate aim is to guide every client towards achieving a profound sense of overall wellness through strategic financial planning. Cheers to your journey to Financial Freedom!

Every person deserves to have the tools to make wise financial decisions, regardless of age, background or lifestyle.

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The Services

Cheers to Financial Freedom offers a variety of avenues for you to reach your financial goals. From one-on-one to online to everything in between, we've got you covered in helping you understand the fundamentals of personal finance and helping you achieve a greater sense of well-being!

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Meet the Founder

Erin Gore, M.Ed.

Hello and welcome to Cheers to Financial Freedom! I am a licensed Personal Finance teacher living in Los Angeles, CA. Together, we can build the life you want to lead through simple, smart tips and tricks when it comes to your personal finance situation. 


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